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Nice’n’Sleazys is once of my favourite bars in Glasgow and every Monday they hold an acoustic night in the downstairs area.

This was the first time I had attended the event and it was clear from the start that there were plenty of regulars, with all the acts being introduced by their first names and everyone appearing to know the evening’s host, Jerry, who himself performed a Bo Diddley cover as well as his own song, Elizabitha.

There was a homely atmosphere – tables with tealight candles and beer crates place before the small stage as additional seating. As the night went on the numbers increased and there were soon lots of people standing at the bar, though it never felt overcrowded.

The level of talent, given that it was an open-mic night with mostly amateur performers, was high. There was also substantial variety in the kind of music, with some acts opting for covers whilst others performed their own material.

One particular highlight was busker David Burns, a regular sight on Sauchiehall Street. He categorises his various musical incarnations under the name “Marshall Chipped”. After plans for a new band fell through at the start of the year, Burns set himself the challenge of writing and producing his own album in time for release on April Fools Day. He had reached this goal and performed two songs from the album on the eve of its release. Find out more about the new album here:

Other highlights included Andrea, a Canadian who had just moved to Scotland from Switzerland, who impressed with her understated performance and Melissa, who received one of the biggest rounds of applause for what she described as the “obligatory ex-boyfriend song”. Her strong, bluesy voice caught everyone’s attention and was one of the strongest performances of the evening.

It was also great to see a fellow Shetlander, Malachy Tallack, take to the stage and hold his own among the numerous other performers. You can find out more about his music here:

Overall the acoustic night was a fantastic example of the entertainment available in Glasgow’s city centre and I will definately return to Nice’n’Sleazys to see it again. And to finish, here is a video of one of the performers that I uploaded to Youtube:



  1. Thanks very much for your kind words, Sleazys open mic has always been one of my favourite places to perform, so many brilliant musicians up on that stage every week!

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