EDA are an  a935635_583250598365864_1497301098_nlternative band hailing from Glasgow.

The foursome were formed in 2009. I first came across them when they played in Shetland last year as part of Heavy Metal Buffet’s The Buffet 2013 festival.

At a festival filled with incredible talent from so many different acts, EDA still managed to stand out.

I was immediately struck by their unusual sound, a blend of electronic and heavy rock sound. I was particularly impressed by Chris Findlay’s vocals. He has quite a unique, jarring voice that works well in their songs.

They released a single, We Are One, last year which you can see below. You can also download it for free from their website, which you can find right here: edaofficialuk.com

The band gigged in Glasgow last month, performing in the O2 ABC alongside another Glasgow band, Mountains Under Oceans and they have also performed in a few other venues in Scotland this year.

I haven’y managed to make it to see them myself since I started university, but I’m hoping to see them at the next possible opportunity, be that in Shetland or on the mainland.

They have been busy working on new music, keeping fans such as myself posted via their Facebook page. If you are anyway interested in the alternative scene in Glasgow, I suggest you give their page a like so you can keep up to date with gigs and any upcoming releases.

I can’t wait to hear what they have been working on!

Check out their video for single We Are One HERE:



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