imageIf you are in Glasgow and a fan of alternative music, Cathouse is the place to be.

The blend of all things rock and metal makes it one of favourite places in the city as both a club and a live music venue.

Cathouse is alongside the likes of Ivory Blacks and (occasionally) Garage as one of the few venues in Glasgow where you can go to experience real alternative music.

I remember my first visit to Cathouse, which came after a string of visits to various clubs throughout the city. I had pretty much written off the club side of Glasgow’s nightlife, thinking that there was nothing that really appealed to my music taste. Then out of nowhere came Cathouse.

The atmosphere was brilliant and I felt like I was finally around some like-minded people. It was busy, but not to the point of annoyance and there was plenty of room to dance.

I am yet to see a live gig in the venue but have heard nothing but good things. There are some great acts taking to the Cathouse stage, namely Kvelertak, who I talked about in my Top 5 post last week, which you can find here.

One of the main things I like about Cathouse, aside from the excellent music, is the blend of people who go. There is such a huge variety that you don’t find in the more conventional clubs and it makes for a much funner and more interesting experience.

I am planning on many more visits to Cathouse in my second year and I hope to catch some live gigs there very soon!




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